Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jon Justesen (R) considers a run for Governor

Richard Burke of PrimeOne Advocates informs us that Jon Justesen (Republican) is considering a run to become Oregon's next governor. The following information is from Jon Justesen for Governor (Facebook)...

A fifth generation Oregonian, Jon Justesen is the "real thing". A rancher from Sherman county, Jon has deep roots in Oregon and knows what it takes to protect our land. As a businessman and director of Barrett Business Services, Jon knows what it takes to create jobs and create a climate for business investment. ✧ As a political outsider, Jon is not limited to traditional party dogma and divisive policies. Jon wants to break free of petty partisanship and solve Oregon's problems by doing what works. Jon understands that while the Willamette Valley may drive Oregon's economy, the state cannot be healthy unless the rural part of Oregon is prosperous too. ✧ John is an accomplished musician, horseman, is married and has two sons who work on his Sherman county ranch.

See Justesen's July 10 press release: "The Hard Stuff Remains Undone" (PDF) Justesen says of the 2013 Legislative Session

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