GOP's Wehby Gaining in Oregon

"Are you kidding?" This is Monica Wehby's amiable response to people who wonder whether she will be able to bear the pressures of office if she wins her race as a Republican Senate candidate. For 17 of her 52 years she has been a pediatric neurosurgeon, holding in steady hands sharp steel and the fate of children's brains.   She probably can cope with the strains of legislative life.   Today, her task is to persuade Oregonians to act on the cogent exhortation of her campaign's bumper stickers: "Keep Your Doctor. Change Your Senator." She is trying to take a Senate seat away from freshman Democrat Jeff Merkley, who was elected in 2008 with 49 percent of the vote when Barack Obama carried the state with 57 percent.

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7 ballot measures make Nov. Ballot

1. Illegal immigrant Driver cards Repeal: Reverses a new law that allows Oregonians who can’t prove they are in the US legally the right to obtain a driver card.
2. Equal Rights Amendment: Amends the Oregon Constitution to make sex discrimination illegal.
3. Legalization of marijuana: Legalizes the use of marijuana for those aged 21and older. Sales would be regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission; tax revenues would go to a variety of public services. Prohibits smoking in public.

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Letter: The value of a job - by Monica Wehby

The Bulletin, Published Jul 17, 2014, Bend, Oregon
Few things in this world have an impact on someone’s life like that of a job. For a recent college graduate, a job is the first step toward realizing a dream; for the unemployed, it is a sense of renewed confidence; for a mother, it is the means by which she can promise her child a future of opportunities. For many, a job offers us hope, gives us purpose, and provides us the means to take care of the truly important things in life.

When we discuss jobs in the course of politics, our discourse is often relegated to numbers and spreadsheets. Our economy becomes a measure of profits and losses, rather than the individuals and families affected by it. In doing so, we lose sight of what it means for someone to lose a job, or for a business to close. Too many politicians today are guilty of that — they forget that the bottom line of a business isn’t just a bottom line; it’s food on someone’s table or the clothes on someone’s child; they forget that bad policy has real-life consequences.

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Cochran up big in general, McDaniel supporters still mad

PPP's new Mississippi poll find Thad Cochran has a strong advantage for the general election- but that the fallout from last month's divisive runoff has left a lot of voters undecided. Cochran's at 40% to 24% for Democrat Travis Childers and 5% for Reform Party candidate Shawn O'Hara, with 31% of voters still undecided.  Cochran's emerged from the primary popular with Democrats (58/22 approval) and unpopular with Republicans (39/52). Cochran is particularly well liked by African Americans, sporting a 59/20 approval rating, and even narrowly leading Childers with them at 37/36. Cochran is only polling at 48% among GOP voters though with 37% still undecided, reflecting a lot of McDaniel supporters who are still so angry they can't bring themselves to say they'll vote for Cochran in November.

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McCumber column: Walker delivers on campaign promises.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and have been tracking Gov. Scott Walker’s election campaign promises through an online feature they call the “Walk-O-Meter” and can be found online at There you will find that Walker has kept an overwhelming amount of his campaign promises out of the 65 they are tracking.

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County Commissioner Democrat race – primary 2014

The only race that was interesting in the 2014 primary was the Democrats race for County Commissioner. The reason is that this race helps us judge the support for Anne Schuster by precinct. If one assumes that people voting for Schuster’s opponents do not want Schuster as County Commissioner, these people may prefer Jerry Jackson to Anne Schuster. It is our job to convince them of this. And, of course, convince all non-Democrats to vote for Jerry.

As expected, the precincts in Corvallis and immediately surrounding Corvallis voted for Schuster. The precincts further away voted for Malone or Kreth. As can be seen from the turnout, only a few precincts have more Republicans than Democrats and they are not in Corvallis. However, the Republicans in the countryside tended to turnout in greater percentages than those in Corvallis.

For those of you that are numbers junkies, as I am, there are two tables below. The first is the turnout by precinct, and the second shows the fractions of Democrats voting for Shuster, her opponents, and not voting.

As one can see, there are many more Democrats in the county than there are Republicans. However, the largest precinct, eleven, has more Republicans than Democrats and a larger fraction of Republicans turned out than Democrats. Moreover, the Democrats in that precinct preferred Malone or Kreth to Schuster. That precinct is North Albany – a fertile place for Jerry, and Betsy Close, to look for votes.

We need to get out every vote in Benton County that we can persuade to vote for our candidates. However, to be efficient, we need to work over the areas with the most Republicans, disgruntled Democrats, Independents, and non-aligned voters first. If you need a voter list and a list of how many people in the different parties live on each street in your get-out-the-vote effort, send me an email at and I will send you the lists. You can download precinct maps from the Benton County website in the map section.

Figure 1: Voter turnout in Benton County for Primary race 2014
Click image to view larger - (then click in black area to return here)

Figure 2: Numbered Key Canvas
Click image to view larger - (then click in black area to return here)

The complete list of races by precinct is on the Benton County website. However, the list is password protected. I prevailed on the election office to put them in text format so I could actually use them. If you would like to massage the numbers yourself, again send me an email at and I will send you the file.

John H. Detweiler
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Breaking: McDaniel Finds 8,300 Questionable Ballots – Plans Wednesday News Conference

In June Senator Thad Cochran won the GOP primary runoff election over conservative challenger Chris McDaniel after 25,000-35,000 Democrats helped push him to victory. Cochran and the Republican establishment also were behind the racist anti-Tea Party ads that ran in Mississippi prior to the runoff election. Thad Cochran won the election over Chris McDaniel by 6,880 votes in the June 24 runoff.

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Monica Wehby Ad: "Drive"

June 25, 2014 - Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate: "I'm going to the US Senate to try to change things, to make things better, to stop this gridlock and get back to the work of the people." Visit to learn more.

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Video from Candidate Forum for Benton County Commissioner- Monroe, OR

On Thursday, June 19th, a Forum for Benton County Commissioner Candidates was held in the Monroe Library with Jerry Jackson (R) and Anne Schuster (D) in the spotlight. If you missed the forum, here's your chance to watch it thanks to videographer, S. Thomas Lewis, who kindly posted this series of nine clips. It was quite an evening, which focused on the Bailey Branch line.

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Candidate Wall: Republican Candidates on Benton County Nov. General Election Ballots

Our 2014 Candidate Wall for the Nov. 4th General Election includes photos of Republicans who are running statewide or in districts encompassing all or parts of Benton County. To learn more about these wonderful candidates, please click photos to visit the candidates' campaign websites. They are working hard to win in November. Please consider volunteering to help them!

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Republican Candidate Contact Information

Find contact information on Republican Candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. Congressional Districts, Oregon Governor, State Senate and House seats, and Benton County Commissioner. These candidates will be on Benton County ballots for the November 4th General Election.

Dr. Monica Wehby - For U.S. Senate (Oregon)

Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Campaign Wisdom: "Keep your doctor, change your Senator!"
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate Committee
PO. Box 3375
Portland OR 97208
(503) 954-2717
Field director:
Tim, (971) 533-9114, Email: (use this contact)
Scheduling: or Scheduler: Nick,
Opponent: Jeff Merkley (Democrat)

Dr. Art Robinson - For U.S. Congress (Oregon District 4)

Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Art Robinson for U.S. Congress
PO Box 1250
Cave Junction OR 97523
(541) 255-2785
Campaign Manager:
Noah Robinson
Opponent: Peter DeFazio (Democrat)

Tootie Smith - For U.S. Congress (Oregon Congressional District 5)

Campaign Website | Facebook
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Tootie Smith for Oregon
PO Box 226
Molalla, OR 97038
Phone: 971-777-3273
Opponent: Kurt Shrader (Democrat)

Dennis Richardson - For Governor of Oregon
Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Citizens to Elect Dennis Richardson
89358 Cranberry Lane
Bandon, OR 97411
Phone: 541-601-0083
Chief of Staff: Angela Beam
Opponent: John Kitzhaber (Democrat)

Betsy Close (Incumbent) - For State Senate (Senate District 8)
Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Close Friends PAC
PO Box 827
Albany OR 97321
Phone: 541-941-7693
Email: Betsy Close
Opponent: Sara Gelser (Democrat)

Andy Olson (Incumbent) - For State Representative (Oregon House District 15)
Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Donate Online: Coming Soon
Campaign Committee:
Friends of Andy Olson
PO Box 891
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: 541-967-6576
Opponent: None

Jacob Vandever - For State Representative (Oregon House District 16)
Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Campaign Wisdom: "Making a Difference for Oregon's Future"
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
The Committee to Elect Jacob Vandever
143 NW 10th St.
Corvallis OR 97330
Phone: 541-314-5877
Email: |
Opponent: Day Rayfield (Democrat)

Mike Nearman - For State Representative (Oregon House District 23)
Campaign Website | Facebook
Campaign Wisdom: "Mike Nearman—A Man of His Word"
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Mike Nearman for Oregon
2570 Greenwood Road S
Independence, OR 97351
Phone: 503-838-6001
Opponent: Wanda Davis (Democrat)

Jerry J. Jackson, Sr. - For Benton County Commissioner (Position 1)
Campaign Website | Facebook | Twitter
Donate Online: HERE
Campaign Committee:
Elect Jackson Commissioner
580 Canberra Dr.
Philomath OR 97370
Phone: 541-250 9654
Opponent: Ann Schuster (Democrat)

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Sen. Close and Jerry Jackson: Your hardworking candidates

(Hat tip: Christine Ruck, Linn County Republicans, Facebook)
SATURDAY, June 7, 2014: Senator Betsy Close wrote, "Today we walked in the Lebanon Strawberry Festival parade. Thank you to Mark Thomas Motors for the use of the Jeep, and to Benton County commissioner candidate Jerry Jackson for joining us!" See photos:

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Joni Ernst wins big in Senate primary, DSCC attacks as “the Sarah Palin of Iowa”

Joni Ernst only needed 35% of the vote to avoid a convention fight against her four competitors for the Republican nomination to the US Senate. Instead, she gained a clear majority of 56% and put herself in position to consolidate GOP support across all factions to face Rep. Bruce Braley, the uncontested Democratic nominee for the seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Tom Harkin. Read more at Read More......

Palin on stump for McDaniel: 'Status quo has got to go'

ELLISVILLE--Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave a short but fiery stump speech for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel on Friday, in what McDaniel described as the biggest event of his campaign so far.

"Chris is running with a servant's heart," Palin shouted to a crowd about 800 gathered in an auditorium at Jones County Junior College in McDaniel's hometown. The crowd frequently roared back during her address and McDaniel's.

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Eric Cantor theater shows immigration reform coming

It usually doesn’t hurt, in trying to analyze Washington, to put events through the most cynical filter possible.

So how else to consider the following: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, facing a primary challenge, is stepping up his rhetoric on immigration. He has sent fliers to voters that boast Cantor has shut down the plans of President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to “give illegal aliens amnesty.”

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‘Tea Party Takeover’: 5 Things to Know About the Texas Runoff Elections

AUSTIN, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) — A tea party leader claimed the Republican nomination for the powerful Texas office of lieutenant governor in primary election runoffs Tuesday night, signaling a further push to the right in the nation’s largest conservative state.

Further, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, at 91 the oldest-ever member of the U.S. House, was ousted Tuesday in the Texas Republican runoff by a candidate backed by conservative groups.

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Oregon 2014 Primary Election Results

Find the results of the Primary Election for Oregon at the Secretary of State's (Results are unofficial until certified) Read More......

Conservatives defeat 3 GOP House incumbents

PORTLAND (AP) — Conservatives appear to be winning the fight for the soul of the Republican Party in the Oregon state House, decisively beating back establishment candidates Tuesday in three of four districts.

Rep. Jim Thompson of Dallas was defeated by Polk County GOP chair Michael Nearman, who had backing from social conservatives. Thompson’s support for a ballot measure that would legalize gay marriage was unpopular on the right. The district includes a wide swath of rural Benton County.

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Benton County Election Results

Final Benton County election results - read more here... Read More......

Why Republicans and Independents Must Vote

By John Detweiler
In Benton County, Republicans have been turning in their ballots in both primary and general elections at rates less than the Democrats turn in their ballots. Moreover, there are many more Democrats than Republicans, therefore it is imperative that all Republicans turn in their ballots. It is also imperative that Republicans convince as many of the non-Republicans and non-Democrats to vote for Republican candidates as possible. If we don’t, we will surely lose.

I examined the data in the Benton County voter and voter history database of all currently registered voters and found that for the primary and general elections for 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012, Republicans turned in their ballots 5% less often than did the Democrats. Moreover, the difference was statistically significant at approximately the 5% level. It is also apparent that there are less Democrats than the sum of all Republicans and voters that are not Democrats or Republicans. In other words, there are enough non-Democrats to be able to beat the Democrats.

Therefore, we Republicans need to turn out for the primary election in May and vote for someone who can win in the general election when the non-Republicans and non-Democrats can vote for the Republican candidate.

The statistics can be found at As time permits between now and the general election, I will analyze this data further, write more articles, and post the statistics on my website.
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2014 Primary Election

Are you a Tea Party Republican?  Or do you consider yourself a moderate or pragmatist?  Wherever you fall in the liberal-moderate-libertarian-conservative spectrum, it’s still important to be involved.  The Oregon Republican Party Primary has a number of contested races this year:

Oregon House District 23 Representative between Mike Nearman and Jim Thompson (incumbent).

Oregon House District 58 Representative between Greg Barreto and John Turner.  

Oregon US Congregational District 2 Congressman between Dennis Linthicum and Greg Walden, the incumbent. 

The race for Governor between Tim Carr, Gordon Challstrom, and Bruce Cuff, and Dennis Richardson.

And of course, the race for Senator between Mark Callahan,  Jason Conger, Tim Crawley, Jo Rae Perkins and Monica Wehby.

We have real and consequential choices to make that will significantly affect Oregon and US Politics.  Yes, by voting or not voting, YOU will affect History! 

Make sure your ballot is turned in to the Benton County Elections Office
by 8:00pm May 20th.

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GOP candidate booted from editorial meeting after calling out 'blah blah' dis

Mark Callahan, a Republican Senate candidate, was kicked out of a local Oregon newspaper's editorial board meeting after daring to challenge a reporter who dissed a fellow candidate, Jo Rae Perkins, by writing "blah blah blah" in his notes instead of her actual quotes. The Willamette Week video of the incident went viral and Callahan was invited to appear on Fox & Friends.
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Jackson endorsed at Oregon Black Political Conference for Benton Commissioner

The Oregon Black Political Conference was held in Portland at the Crowne Plaza Portland Convention Center on April 11-13 to endorse federal, state and local candidates running for public office in the May 20th Oregon Primary Election. To receive the OBPC endorsement, candidates had to receive three-fifths of the eligible delegate votes. Jerry J. Jackson, Sr., candidate for Benton County Commissioner, Pos. 1, was one of only two Republican candidates to win a 2014 endorsement. Sen. Jackie Winters, candidate for reelection to Oregon Senate District 10, was the other Republican endorsed at the conference. The conference was hosted by the Political Action Committee of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA).

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GOP forum: Candidates agree on forest control

Candidates squaring off in the Republican primary, seeking to unseat Democrat Jeff Merkley in November, all support turning Oregon federal forests over to local ownership.

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2014 GOP Candidate Picture Wall with Links to Campaign Websites - Benton/Oregon Primary Election

Our 2014 Candidate Wall includes photos of Republicans who are running in the Oregon Primary Election in districts encompassing all or parts of Benton County. Click photos to visit campaign websites (if available) and learn about these candidates.


Note: (I) = Incumbent. Mr. Avakian is a Democrat.

THE CONGRESSIONAL RACES BELOW ARE OUTSIDE BENTON COUNTY'S DISTRICTS (CD4 & CD5), however, the CD2 race between Congressman Greg Walden (Incumbent) and Dennis Linthicum should be interesting to watch and, though James Buchal is running unopposed in the CD3 Primary, he will be running against Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D) in the General Election. Buchal is a long-shot but Blumenauer has been in D.C. far too long!

No information on Judges yet!

Feb. 1, 2014 - Jon Justesen dropped out of the Governor's race.
Mar. 3, 2014 - Brian Cooke filed to run for the Oregon House of Representatives for District 16 but had to drop out when he was informed that he was subject to the Hatch Act of 1938 because his job with Benton County is funded through federal funds. We thank Brian for stepping up to run. It was such a pleasure to meet Brian and his family. He can run for a party office so he has signed up to run for a Precinct Committeeman slot. Read More......