Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pierce Reacts to Brown’s Support of IP-28/Measure 97

Salem, OR (August 4, 2016) – Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bud Pierce is disappointed, but not surprised that Gov. Kate Brown is supporting the largest sales tax increase in Oregon’s history, Measure 97, formerly called IP-28.

“The choice is clear. Kate Brown believes that the government never has enough and always wants more. I believe that the government has enough, if the government spends wisely,” said Pierce.

“If passed, this tax increase would greatly raise the cost of living in Oregon. Everyone, including low income families would be paying more for goods and services. A tax increase like this will not help anyone. It will hurt low income families in Oregon the most,” said Pierce.

Pierce is a strong opponent to Measure 97, because it is a regressive gross receipts tax with the highest rate in the country, according to The Tax Foundation. Read more at

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