Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oregon's Measure 91 And Out-Of-State Money

Americans do not like to be manipulated, deceived or misled, whether it has to do with buying a car, a house, choosing a candidate for office, or casting an informed vote. Just such a deception will occur in the Measure 91 Campaign promoting recreational use of marijuana, and the people of Oregon will again be the victims of big money special interests.

One example of that deception is found in New Approach Oregon's claim that 12,808 people were arrested for marijuana-related crimes in Oregon in 2012. That claim is patently FALSE and misleading. Politifact reports that 2,754 people were arrested. Indeed, Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis said there are fewer than 100 people in prison in Oregon on marijuana-related crimes.

Should out-of-state billionaires who want to change the drug laws of America determine what only Oregonians should decide? According to Ballotpedia as of July 30, 2014, The Yes on Measure 91 PAC had received more than $1.5 million from 5 contributors, all of whom are major out of state marijuana promoters: New Approach PAC (funded by Peter Lewis and his heirs, as mentioned in The Oregonian), Drug Policy Action, $200,000 and Drug Policy Action Fund for Oregon, $150,000 (both connected to George Soros, according to the Oregonian), Philip Harvey, $100,000 and Henry van Ameringen, $100,000, New York heir to a fragrance fortune.

Do not be deceived again.

Oregon decriminalized marijuana in 1973 and legalized medical marijuana in 1998. The Daily Reporter reports that "Opponents of commercial legalization, mostly law enforcement and the state's district attorneys, argue that full legalization is unnecessary." Marquis argues that "a legal market will immediately make marijuana easier for children to access, and will increase the number of intoxicated drivers." A fact that both Colorado and Washington State have observed.

"The most disturbing thing is the argument that marijuana has absolutely no downside," Marquis said at a debate this month. "Why would we want to introduce another drug?"

Parents opposed to Pot, a Virginia based organization recently said, "The Yes on Measure 91 Campaign is not an example of grass-roots democracy in Oregon, because none of the large donors live in the state. Yet these billionaires wish to have undue influence over the voters of Oregon."

Click here to see a fact sheet on why Oregonians should vote against passage of Measure 91, prepared by the No on 91 PAC. Save it, forward it to your friends, associates, pastor, peers and youth pastors. Make copies to carry with you and post on bulletin boards in your community. Pass it out at your Sunday School Class and home groups.

The Yes on Measure 91 folks have over $2.3 million dollars from out of state marijuana backers of this measure to propagandize Oregonians with direct mail, television, marijuana internet sites and radio spots. Visit the No on 91 website

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