Sunday, March 29, 2015

Potential McCain Challenger Kelli Ward: Widespread ‘Dissatisfaction’ with McCain Job Performance

Rising star in Arizona, State Senator Kelli Ward, took time out of her busy late season legislative schedule to give Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle an exclusive interview on the weekly Breitbart News Saturday radio program. Buzz over fresh political leader Ward grows daily with talk that she is the “David” considering taking on threatened political “Goliath,” U.S. Senator John McCain, in the 2016 primary election.  Ward started out telling Boyle she’s “still in the consideration phase,” while she finishes out the current Arizona legislative session. She said this week she’ll be focusing her efforts on her duties in the state Senate.  Turning to a recent McCain fundraising plea, Boyle mentioned that McCain seems “really worried that he might not win” his expected re-election bid to the Senate. Boyle asked Ward, “Why do you think it is that Senator McCain is really worried about re-election prospects?”


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