Thursday, April 23, 2015

Marco Rubio Rakes In Donor Money By Touting Immigration Record — Behind Closed Doors

Ever since a right-wing backlash blew up the bipartisan immigration bill that Sen. Marco Rubio helped champion in 2013, the ambitious Republican has struggled to find his political footing on the issue. For two years, he has hemmed and hawed; ducked and dodged; retracted, retreated from, and repeatedly revised his immigration rhetoric in a ploy to appease conservative activists without fully forsaking his position. These days, when the subject comes up in town hall meetings or TV interviews, the silver-tongued senator — now officially running for the GOP presidential nomination — is often reduced to reciting a few stilted talking points, and then angling to change the subject. But there is one setting where Rubio frequently and unabashedly touts his immigration record to great effect: closed-door meetings with the GOP’s elite, high-dollar donors.

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