Friday, May 16, 2014

2014 Primary Election

Are you a Tea Party Republican?  Or do you consider yourself a moderate or pragmatist?  Wherever you fall in the liberal-moderate-libertarian-conservative spectrum, it’s still important to be involved.  The Oregon Republican Party Primary has a number of contested races this year:

Oregon House District 23 Representative between Mike Nearman and Jim Thompson (incumbent).

Oregon House District 58 Representative between Greg Barreto and John Turner.  

Oregon US Congregational District 2 Congressman between Dennis Linthicum and Greg Walden, the incumbent. 

The race for Governor between Tim Carr, Gordon Challstrom, and Bruce Cuff, and Dennis Richardson.

And of course, the race for Senator between Mark Callahan,  Jason Conger, Tim Crawley, Jo Rae Perkins and Monica Wehby.

We have real and consequential choices to make that will significantly affect Oregon and US Politics.  Yes, by voting or not voting, YOU will affect History! 

Make sure your ballot is turned in to the Benton County Elections Office
by 8:00pm May 20th.

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