Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why Republicans and Independents Must Vote

By John Detweiler
In Benton County, Republicans have been turning in their ballots in both primary and general elections at rates less than the Democrats turn in their ballots. Moreover, there are many more Democrats than Republicans, therefore it is imperative that all Republicans turn in their ballots. It is also imperative that Republicans convince as many of the non-Republicans and non-Democrats to vote for Republican candidates as possible. If we don’t, we will surely lose.

I examined the data in the Benton County voter and voter history database of all currently registered voters and found that for the primary and general elections for 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012, Republicans turned in their ballots 5% less often than did the Democrats. Moreover, the difference was statistically significant at approximately the 5% level. It is also apparent that there are less Democrats than the sum of all Republicans and voters that are not Democrats or Republicans. In other words, there are enough non-Democrats to be able to beat the Democrats.

Therefore, we Republicans need to turn out for the primary election in May and vote for someone who can win in the general election when the non-Republicans and non-Democrats can vote for the Republican candidate.

The statistics can be found at As time permits between now and the general election, I will analyze this data further, write more articles, and post the statistics on my website.

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