Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fact or Fiction – The World According to Sen. Ted Cruz

As many of you know, I am big supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz. After reading some alarming statements here in New Hampshire regarding his political record, I decided to do some digging! Here are the fruits of my labor…FICTION: “Essentially, Cruz’s wife Heidi once worked for Merrill Lynch and is a Goldman Sachs Regional Manager, which is a little concerning, given, you know, the massive bailouts and their involvement with the Federal Reserve in deflating our currency and killing our economy.”FACT: Heidi Cruz is a wealth manager in the Houston office helping families and foundations and is not connected with the company’s Washington operations. She has always been located in Houston while employed at Goldman Sachs. And, the division Heidi worked in was not connected to the portion of the bank that received bailout money. Her division would not have been affected even if Goldman had not received the bailout!


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