Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bernie Sanders wants to take back “family values” from the GOP

Sanders, elected as an independent, caucuses with Senate Democrats and calls himself a “Democratic socialist.” And now that he’s running for the White House, he’d like to keep busting categories and take back a key phrase from Republicans and redefine it for the 2016 election: “family values.” 
At a breakfast with reporters in Washington Thursday, Sanders previewed what he said will be a major theme of his campaign.
“I will be talking about family values, but not the family values that my Republican colleagues talk about, which for them means that a woman cannot have the right to control her own body or that gay people should not have the right to get married or that women should not have access to contraception. That is what their concept of family values are about. That’s not my concept,” Sanders said at the breakfast, sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast in downtown D.C.

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