Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ted Cruz adds anti-sharia activist to his staff…while the Muslim jihadists in America cry foul!

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR is demanding that Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz remove Kevin Kookogey as his state chairman for Tennessee because of his longstanding support for anti-Islamization and anti-sharia causes. (Making it one of the best reasons to support Ted Cruz for president)
The Venture “If Senator Cruz chooses to keep Mr. Kookogey on his campaign staff, it would serve as an endorsement of anti-Muslim hate,” said CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw. “In the past few months, Senator Cruz has attended several conferences featuring notorious Islamophobes like Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney. Despite calls to distance himself from such anti-Muslim bigots, it seems that Senator Cruz is only drawing closer to hate-mongers.”
A spokesman for the presidential campaign for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at recent criticism over the decision to make a controversial Williamson County Republican the campaign’s Tennessee chairman, calling those remarks “absurd.” “It is absurd to suggest that being a defender of American law under the United States Constitution is somehow “Islamophobic.”


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